Power Searcher

Powerful tool to find files on your PC

This product will allow you to do a search on files, folders or both using Name, Contents, Size, Attributes or Dates with masses of other sub criteria to really refine the search.

The Name search for example will allow you to search for multiple files or filetypes using any combination of wildcard characters in a single search, while the contents search can search for keywords and/or phrases either on a line in a document or individually spread throughout the whole document with the added benefit of being able to see the matching results without ever having to open the files!

It can search both text related files (TXT,HTML,BAT,INI,FRM...etc) as well as binary files such as MP3 files and executables. Results are displayed in a table, complete with all available data relating to the file, including size, file type, dates (created/modified/last accessed), path and attributes. All returned results may be saved to a comma delimited file for import and manipulation in packages such as Excel.

There is also full printing available, both for printing a list of files/folders in the current directory as well as being able to print out the results from the search. Built-in Help screens allow an easy to see explanation of what everything does so you should find it a breeze.

Power Searcher


Power Searcher 3.2.3